What is the Computer Science Student Council?

The “Fachschaft” Informatik is made up of all students enrolled in the Computer Science program. The interests of the student body are represented by the student council.

What is a student council?

The student council consists (according to the student numbers of WiSe 2020/21) of a maximum of 42 students and is elected by the student body once a year. This council has the task of representing the interests of the student council and is available to assist all students with problems, questions or other concerns. These include:

  • Collection and distribution of exams and scripts
  • Orientation of freshmen (see ESAG)
  • Discussing and solving problems with professors/lecturers

In addition, we offer other events, e.g. game nights, tournaments, programming crash courses and excursions – we gladly accept suggestions from other students. A more detailed overview of our tasks can be found here.

During the lecture period, a public meeting is held every week to which visitors are cordially invited. In this meeting we discuss current tasks and concerns of the student council. The exact dates are published on our website.